NYC Wedding and Event Photographer: Ayano Hisa | About
Thank you so much for visiting my wedding and event website! I am a photographer originally from Japan and currently living and working in NYC. I would like to introduce you about how I started wedding photography. I inherited creativity from my parents who love Art. My father is a fine jewelry designer in Japan. They exposed me to Art since I was very young. My love for Visual Arts and Music merged and I started photographing musicians - their performances on-stage and their lives off-stage. I can say I learned how to shoot by shooting musicians. Things like the ability to capture the emotional moments, freezing the best action, selecting the most passionate scenes using my camera; I gained those skills by photographing their lives and performances. When I attended a friend's wedding a while ago, I saw a lot of similarities between shooting music and wedding events, and instantly I knew I was going to enjoy shooting weddings. And I was right! Besides the joy of shooting, I realized how precious it is to be able to be record people's special events. The photographs of weddings will be cherished by their family forever. I enjoy every moment of their special day. Music, dance, emotions, actions, passion, intimacy, feelings, love, tears, I saw all of these at both occasions; photographing musicians and photographing weddings. Whether if it's wedding or music, I concentrate on capturing the very best of each moment.

Please also see another website of mine, where you can find my music and dance photos and other fine art photos which have won multiple awards including the (2013) Artist Fellowship in Photography from New York Foundation for the Arts, Architectural Photographer of the Year from International Photography Awards (IPA) among others.